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A short history

The area around Möllstorpsläge was for many years used as a crossing point for the inhabitants of the Algutsrums parish and the parishes from the middle of Ölands eastern side. The sailors had their boats on the beach ready to sail to the markets on the mainland.

In 1859 Möllstorpsläge had the privilege of running the regular person and goods traffic over the Kalmar straight with sail boats and ferries. This Möllstorpsläge traffic was run in competition with steam boats which sailed from other deeper harbours around Öland. In 1890 the ferries were sold and all traffic from Möllstorpsläge ceased.

The oldest standing buildings in Möllstorpsläge are the two red cabins where the ferry crews lived and the multistory building close to the harbour pier. The Pier that is now used as the wharf. The multi story building was originally one half of a school house that was transported from the village of Förlösa which lies to the north of Kalmar. When erected in Möllstorpsläge the building was used as a waiting hall for the ferry passengers.